Ask Your Barber To Keep An Eye Out

Stylists throughout our company are being asked to play an active part in the fight against cancer by watching out for signs of cancerous moles and other small tumours on their customers’ scalps while they are cutting hair.

The move follows an incident when Antony Kent spotted just such a mole while cutting the hair of his brother, Adam, and advised him to go to his doctor and get it checked out.

Adam wasted no time in doing so and tests revealed that it was a growth which needed removing urgently. Other similar blemishes were also removed from his neck and shoulders.

“If any members of our staff come across strange looking lumps and marks while they are cutting hair, I urge them to have the courage to mention it to the customer concerned,” said Antony.

“This is really important because hair stylists are just about the only people who see the top of people’s heads and know what is going on underneath their hair. They could well save someone’s life by raising the alarm and persuading a customer to see their doctor.”

Adam Kent has now joined the “Brave the Shave” campaign in which people have their heads shaved to increase awareness about the risk of scalp cancer and raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

He has already passed his personal fund raising target of £1,000 and is among thousands of “Brave Shavers” who have together raised more than £700,000 this year.

“I was lucky that Antony identified an unusual mole and growth on my scalp during a close cut and he advised that I got it checked,” said Adam, Managing Director communications company, Install Automation Ltd.

“I booked an appointment at the doc's and after tests it turned out that it was a basal cell carcinoma. After removal all is well, but I'd like to raise awareness amongst all barbers and hairdressers so they are able to see how they can help potentially save lives from something that can be easily hidden.”



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